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3/1/24: House Concert, San Diego, CA (with Countercurrent)

3/2/24: Boulevard Music, Culver City, CA (with Countercurrent)

3/3/24: Namba Arts, Ventura, CA (with Countercurrent)

3/5/24: Cope-A-Cabana, San Jose, CA (with Countercurrent)

3/6/24: House Concert, Oakland, CA (with Countercurrent)

3/7/24: House Concert, Santa Cruz, CA (with Countercurrent)

3/8/24: The Strum Shop, Roseland, CA (with Countercurrent)

3/9/24: POPS Art Center, Dunsmuir, CA (with Countercurrent)

3/10/24: Grant's Pass Museum of Art, Grant's Pass, OR (with Countercurrent)

3/14/24: Lake City Contra Dance, Seattle, WA (with Countercurrent)

3/17/24: The Cryptatropa, Olympia, WA (with Countercurrent)

3/20/24: Cup of Swords Tavern, Olympia, WA (solo)

3/22/24: Squares and Lines, South Bay Grange, Olympia, WA (with One Dollar Whiskey)

4/12/24 - 4/14/24: Queer Contra Camp, Aptos, CA (with Nimbus)

4/14/24: Hayward Contra Dance, Hayward, CA (with Nimbus)

4/19/24 - 4/21/24: Dandelion Romp, Oberlin, OH (with the Engine Room)

4/25/24: The Cryptatropa, Olympia, WA (with Olympia Jamgrass. Collective)

4/26/24: Ballard Homestead, Seattle, WA (with Countercurrent)

4/27/24: Bellingham Contra Dance, Bellingham, WA (with Countercurrent)

5/2/24: Lake City Contra Dance, Seattle, WA (with Natterjack)

5/3/24: Emerald City Contra Dance, Seattle, WA (with Natterjack)

5/9/24: House Concert, Seattle, WA (with Countercurrent, One Dollar Whiskey)

5/10/24: Emerald City Contra Dance, Seattle, WA (with One Dollar Whiskey)

5/12/24: The Cryptatropa, Olympia, WA (with Olympia Jamgrass Collective)

5/14/24: The Royal Room, Seattle, WA (with Countercurrent)

5/17/24: Emerald City Contra Dance, Seattle, WA (with Nimbus)

5/18/24: Portland Contra Dance, Portland, OR (with Nimbus)

5/19/24: House Concert, Corvallis, OR (with Countercurrent+)

5/23/24: Lake City Contra Dance, Seattle, WA (with The Reckoners)

5/24/24 - 5/28/24: Northwest Folklife Festival (with various bands)

5/31/24 - 6/9/24: West Coast tour with Leah Wollenberg and Ida Hoequist

5/31/24: Timbre Folk and Baroque, Berkeley, CA

6/1/24: Circle Left Contra Dance, Oakland, CA

6/4/24: Cage Free House Concerts, Ashland, OR

6/5/24: Abbie Weissenbloom House Concerts, Portland, OR

6/6/24: Lake City Contra Dance, Seattle, WA

6/7/24: Emerald City Contra Dance, Seattle, WA

6/8/24: Seattle Folklore Society, Seattle, WA

6/9/24: Finnriver Cidery, Chimacum, WA

6/12/24: Club Passim, Boston, MA (with Countercurrent)

6/14/24-6/16/24: Swing into Summer, Pinewoods Camp, Plymouth, Ma (with Countercurrent)

6/20/24: The Cryptatropa, Olympia, WA (with Olympia Jamgrass Collective)

6/21/24: The Juice Box, Centralia, WA (with Olympia Jamgrass Collective)

6/23/24 - 6/29/24: Lady of the Lake June Week, Harrison, ID (with Countercurrent)

6/30/24-7/5/24: BACDS American Week, Ben Lomond, CA (Alex Sturbaum and Hayden Stern)

8/3/24: Hayloft Concert Series, Salem, OR (with Countercurrent)

8/16/24 - 8/18/24: Balance the Bay, San Francisco, CA (with Countercurrent)

9/20/24 - 9/22/24: Chehalis Contra Dance Weekend, Mission, BC (with Countercurrent)

9/26/24: The Cryptatropa, Olympia, WA (with the Olympia Jamgrass Collective)

9/27/24 - 9/29/24: Cascade Contras, Euguene, OR (with the Engine Room)

10/4/24 - 10/6/24: Raise the Rafters, Rhododendron, OR

10/17/24 - 10/19/24: Contrastock, Washington D.C. (with the Engine Room)

10/25/24 - 10/27/24: Pittsburgh Fall Weekend, Pittsburgh, PA (with the Engine Room)

11/4/24 - 11/12/24: Countercurrent Tour with George Marshall (details coming soon!)

11/15/24 - 11/17/24: Catalina Contra Dance Weekend, Los Angeles, CA (with Countercurrent and the Engine Room)

1/4/25: Portland New Year's Dance, Portland, OR (with Countercurrent)

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