Upcoming Gigs


​3/31/22: Lake City Contra Dance, Seattle, WA (with Countercurrent)

4/1/22: Finnriver Cidery, Chimacum, WA

4/2/22: Phinney Center, Seattle, WA (solo and with Countercurrent and One Dollar Whiskey)

4/8/22: The Big Legrowlski, Portland, OR (split bill with Karl McHugh)

4/9/22: Portland Contra Dance, Portland, OR (with Countercurrent)

4/21/22: Portland Contra Dance, Portland, OR (with Countercurrent+)

5/14/22: All Hands In Virtual Contra Dance (with Countercurrent)

5/27/22 - 5/30/22: Northwest Folklife Festival, Seattle, WA (solo and with Countercurrent, One Dollar Whiskey, and the Lobsters of Destiny)

6/11/22: Eugene Contra Dance, Eugene, OR (with Countercurrent)

6/11/22 - 6/25/22: CDSS Dance, Music, and Spice Camp, Lexington, MI

8/7/22 - 8/13/22: Lady of the Lake Dance S'More Camp, Harrison, ID (with Countercurrent)