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Alex is available to perform for festivals, venue shows, contra dances, opening slots, and more. They can perform solo, with one of their bands, or with you if you need an accompanist or side musician for a show or tour.


Alex offers private music lessons, based in Olympia, WA. Lessons are offered in guitar (dropped-D, standard, and DADGAD tunings), bouzouki, bodhran, button accordion, mandolin, banjo, and songwriting. There are no age or skill level restrictions - all students are welcome! Alex's teaching style is fluid and welcoming, with a focus on meeting students at their level and adapting lesson plans to fit a student's needs and goals.​


Need a bodhran, bouzouki, rhythm guitar, mandolin, or button  accordion part for your latest track? Alex is an accomplished session musician, and can record remotely or in person to get you the part you need. 


Alex operates out of Scrub Jay Studio, a fully-functional home recording studio in Olympia, WA, and can bring a project from earliest concept to final project with thoughtful guidance and technical skill. Alex also works with Brian Lindsay as "Countercurrent Productions", bringing decades of shared experience and the band's trademark musicality and flexibility to your project.


Alex is available to teach workshops at festivals and events. Past workshops include:

  • Writing Songs within the Tradition

  • Adapting Old Songs to Modern Times

  • Guitar Accompaniment

  • Arrangements and Grooves for Contra

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